Your guided tour will begin at the docks led by an experienced tour guide with an abundant amount of knowledge regarding the history of Mackinac Island. You will be immersed in the history of Mackinac Island while experiencing all the beauty the Island has to offer as you bike around its 8.2 mile perimeter or bike through the winding roads of its beautiful interior.

We have two customizable guided tour options:

These tours are customizable to your groups wants and needs. Your experienced tour guide will ensure that you and your group are completely satisfied and properly accommodated.

Discover the beauty of Mackinac Island by visiting some of the most wonderful spots on Mackinac Islands own highway, M-185. Your experienced tour guide will bring you to the most coveted spots on the Island as you ride around the Island's approximately 8.2 mile long road that is composed of mostly flat terrain. 

This tour consists of stops at landmarks such as:

M-185 is entirely paved and makes for a smooth ride around the Island. 

There will be a bathroom break half-way around the Island at British Landing.

Discover the beauty of some of Mackinac Island's less traveled landmarks as you make your way through the interior of the Island.

The tour consists of stops at landmarks such as:

This tour is entirely customizable to your groups wants and needs. Please discuss this with your tour guide if there are different sights you are interested in seeing as well.

PSA: The islands Interior is not entirely flat and will require more endurance than a tour around the perimeter of the Island. Please be prepared for many hills.

Experience the beauty and history of what makes Mackinac Island so remarkable